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Invest in a european business

in Spain and Andorra

The European Union contains about 7% of the world's population and represents approximately 20% of the global gross domestic product (GDP), which makes it one of the most important investment destinations in the world.


The Spanish market is advantageous to foreign investors right now because it is one of the few countries within the EU that is focusing on facilitating foreign entrepreneurship. Spain’s goal is to give a boost to its economy by internationalizing it and has therefore enacted several laws in furtherance of that goal. 

Spain is destination to around 50 million tourists. It is the second most popular holiday destination in the world.
With more than 300 days of sun every year and numerous golf courses Spain offers year round rental possibilities. Cheap and simple access from a massive range of locations via low cost airlines.
Diversification of a property portfolio. Simply property acquisition and legal procedures with no language skills required.
Stable economy. Financing readily available with low interest rates. Residential internet bookings are rising steeply benefiting the buy-to-let market.

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Low tax jurisdiction
Andorra is among the countries in Europe with the lowest corporate tax rate (2-10%) and income tax rate (5-10%). It has the lowest value added tax rate (VAT or sales tax) across Europe with 4.5%. There is no inheritance tax and social security contributions are among Europe’s lowest.

Strategic location + tax treaties
Andorra is located between France and Spain only 2h away from Barcelona and 2.5h away from Toulouse. Double tax treaties have been signed with and ratified in both countries..

100% open for business
Andorra is encouraging foreign investment and company formations. Residences are facilitated for company directors along with the opening of a business in Andorra.

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Investment in european economy

The benefits of the euro are diverse and are felt on different scales, from individuals and businesses to whole economies. They include:

More choice and stable prices for consumers and citizens.
Greater security and more opportunities for businesses and markets.
Improved economic stability and growth.
More integrated financial markets
A stronger presence for the EU in the global economy.
A tangible sign of a European identity.

Many of these benefits are interconnected. For example, economic stability is good for a Member State’s economy as it allows the government to plan for the future. But economic stability also benefits businesses because it reduces uncertainty and encourages companies to invest. This, in turn, benefits citizens who see more employment and better-quality jobs.


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